How to Move Google Authenticator to Your New Phone

How To Switch Google Authenticator To A New Phone

Click “other options” and you are given the option to authenticate via email or by uploading your ID. This is just for Facebook, but other services will provide similar backup methods for sign in. When you first set up Google Authenticator, How To Switch Google Authenticator To A New Phone you may be given a set of backup codes and asked to print them out or otherwise save them. And you definitely do want to save them; print them out and put them somewhere safe or create a PDF and save it where nobody else can access it.

  • Doing so will ensure you can still access your multi-factor codes and sign in to those accounts on your new phone.
  • To get the key, I opened my QR reading app and scanned the G-Auth QR code.
  • To set up Google Authenticator on your phone on both Android and iPhone, follow the step-by-step tutorial on setting up and using Google Authenticator.
  • Then the laptop gets stolen on the airport TSA line, and… catch-22 again.
  • It could be possible if your phone was rooted.

QR codes with your account info will be created. In a perfect world, 2FA allows you to confirm your credentials using a mobile phone or some other device that you carry with you all the time, which only you have access to. Click Change Phone in the Authenticator app section. Select the type of phone you’ll be using and follow the prompts. If you want to disable Google Authenticator altogether, click on the trash can icon and confirm your decision. Google will then revert to delivering your 2FA codes via SMS.

Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone with All Your Codes

Daito even allows you to exort your 2FA tokens for backup purposes. Secondly, if you are locked out of your Google account due to two-step verification, you’ll have to recover that before you can begin. You can use the Authenticator app to manage multiple accounts, so you don’t have to switch between apps every time you need to sign in. The point of concern here is that we perform such measures to secure ourselves from cyber threats, most notably – SIM cloning/hijacking/swapping or whatever you call it.

  • But first we should explain some basic terminology.
  • That’s because a phone number can be spoofed and cloned, so a truly determined hacker can still gain your information.
  • This will let you know which accounts have switched over and which need to be manually added to your new phone.
  • While LastPass authenticator has the ability to backup all accounts to its cloud space and recovers them again after a crash for cell or a reset factory experience like I had without worrying.
  • You can use these one-time codes to gain access to your Google account temporarily.
  • Choose the type of phone you want to migrate to and click Next.

However, we have seen various attempts to hack Google authenticator, and there are some successful attempts. The bottom line here is to keep an eye on and be careful even when using Google Authenticator as your first line of defense. We already discussed the tip to always transfer Google Authenticator from an old phone to a new phone while selling it. Backup up to 18+ types of data and WhatsApp data to computer. I had always understood the QR code to be a literal one-time token which generated the permanent ‘seed’, i.e., that QR code could not be re-used to regenerate the original seed.

Set up or restore Google Authenticator on a new phone

If your phone goes south, these codes will be a good way to reestablish authentication on your new phone — assuming, of course, you haven’t misplaced the codes. The Google authenticator relies on the secret key generated every 30 seconds. Consequently, even if an attacker gets hold of your basic login details, including your password, they cannot intercept the code sent from the application to cross-check your account’s login.